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Mari's speech at NY Academy of Medicine ニューヨーク医学アカデミーで竹野内ふくしまの演説(英語)

March 12, 2013 NY Academy of Medicine,
Lunch Time Session Speech made by Mari Takenouchi


Hello, everyone. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I really appreciate this conference very much, and I’ve been learning a lot through excellent and esteemed speakers. But I felt one most important thing was missing. That is what is happening in Fukushima and East Japan. Actually, already there have been people who have been showing symptoms. In the last session, there was a professor who was talking about the immediate emergency of symptoms that has been happening in Fukushima.


We have heard a lot of stories of children who got nosebleeing, vomiting, diarrhea and rashes all over. It was so common and people started to talk about it right after the accident. But now people got used to it, and they don’t even talk about it. And as the previous doctor who made a speech has said, government sided doctors on the top of medical societies in Japan are trying to conceal these kinds of symptoms are happening apparently because of radiation effects.
And they are saying on top of these thingsonly about one or two months ago I made a phone call to the Society of Medicine in Japan and their answer was ‘We haven’t found any health hazards so far caused by radiation.’That’s their attitude. I think they are criminals, because I have seen a lot of people who have been complaining about nosebleeing, diarrhea, and vomiting and whatsoever, and on top of that, I myself have experienced such kind of …not exactly the same but, let me explain.
I was in Tokyo and not in Fukushima, more than 200 kilometers away from the nuclear power plant. Since I do translation as well, and I have translated three radiation-related books, and since I knew how dangerous it could be, I evacuated from Tokyo to Okinawa. And the timing of the evacuation was really bad for me because I evacuated in the afternoon of March 15th and maybe some of you might know that in the morning of March 15th, a very thick radioactive cloud was passing through Tokyo, and you would be surprised, per cubic meter more than 1000 becquerel of radiation cloud was passing, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government was measuring that real time.
They were measuring the real time radiation particles from the 13th; and from the evening of the 14ththey were watching the figure going up, but they didn’t let the residents know about it all. And so was in Fukushima and people only in a very very small circles were to told to be evacuate or stay indoors, but this very thick radioactive plume was moving around, and even though some organization, that organization was the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Industry Bureau had this precise machine measuring the particles, they didn’t let the residents know.
And I didn’t know either, of course, and I was riding a bicycle with my one-year old boy, and there was no symptom on that day, and I didn’t know anything about it. But about one month later, my boy and I suddenly gothigh fever, and my fever was more than 103 degrees Fahrenheit, or in Celsius, more than 39 degrees, eight days continuously, never dropping.
And I went to the doctor, and I took a flu test. I didn’t have any flu. I had an X-ray – nothing; and after that I got this phlegm, very…yellowish and thick, phlegm, I am sorry you are eating (laughter from the audience), but anyway, it kept coming out, and even now I have this kind of stuck-phlegmfeeling, even now, even after two years. So I went to the nose-throat doctor quite recently and the doctor brought a tube into my nose. I am not allergic to anything but he found some inflammation between my nostrils and throat, and that was the reason for irritation.
And my boy, oh my boy was so healthy until that accident. He was one year and four months old, and he had never had any fever by catching cold, and since I am a translator, I sometime translate at home, and I took him to daycare where many children were playing around, and of course some children got colds, but my boy was fine, never a single cold until one year and four months old.
But at the same time, when I started to have high fever, he also had high fever, about 101 degrees Fahrenheit, more than 38 degrees, on and off, thirteen times in three months. I was so shocked you know, and nervous, and I immediately realized that oh, we were exposed. And I somehow checked the internet and found out that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government real time measurement figures, and I was like freaking-out, because more than 1000 Becquerel per cubic meter of air we have inhaled!
About some months later the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced only on the internet that Tokyo metropolitan residents had inhaled 3600 Bq of particles, radioactive particles in March alone. So, even Tokyo people have been exposed to radiation, that’s for sure. Of course there is a big difference if you are outside or inside, and actually I have heard a lot of stories from mothers who got sick like me, and whose children got sick and they went to the doctors, and they checked the thyroid, and lots and lots of children and even mothers have cysts.
I myself got my thyroid tested. I have two small, small cysts in my thyroid, and my boy has countless very minute cysts all over. And actually this test was conducted by Dr. A, my dear friend doctor, and she is actually working in Osaka, the west side of Japan. She checked Osaka children, and almost no children there have minutesized thyroid cysts; but when she checked children from Tokyo, many children had them.

* 2014年3月、私と息子は甲状腺の専門医に診てもらったところ、息子の甲状腺は正常でした(なんと安堵したことか!)しかし私の甲状腺は2倍に腫れており、橋本病に罹っていることがわかりました。

*In March 2014, my son and I got rediagnosed and found out that my boy's thyroid was OK (what a relief!) but my thyroid was swallen double the normal size and I had Hashimoto's Disease.
So what does this mean? I think this is the most important thing. Even Tokyo kids are showing abnormality. Of course, Dr. A went to Fukushima as well, and just showed you how bad it is through pictures…Some of you must have missed it, so please ask her to show the pictures. Fukushima children are in danger really.
So what we have to do now is to find some way to evacuate these kids tosafe area; otherwise, I am sure that lots and lots of kids will be –from Chernobyl that we know that it’s not only cancer but all sorts of diseases …and I myself and very worried about lung cancer and since we have inhaled, so manynumber of people have inhaled even in Tokyo 3600 Bq, and I heard some stories about diabetes.
Diabetes is getting high even among children in Fukushima. What does that mean? And also, heart anomaly rate has been increased in Ibaragi Prefecture, just below Fukushima Prefecture, among children, junior high school kids. So it is already coming out
So I think this side of story is the most urgent subject.And unless we do something, we cannot save children’s lives. We don’t need a study. We just want a way to evacuate kids. Thank you very much.



Post Script:

After this presentation, I have been continuouly slandered by Ms. Yuri Hiranuma @YuriHiranuma who attended this conference.  I made this presentation on the request of Kazko and the health hazard issues are real in East Japan, which I believe is most important.  Ms. Hiranuma is well informed about radiation issue and even was an interpreter when Dr. Caldicott came to Japan.  I really do not understand why she slanders me for my making above presentation and I feel quite regretful.


しかし2013年8月、私の話を聞いていてくれた米国の学校関係者が下村文部科学大臣に公開書簡を送り、Japan Timesが掲載してくれました。驚いた事に、米国の学生で東北を訪れた人の中にさえ、嘔吐や鼻血などの症状が見られたので、留学プログラムを延期することにしたという内容です。http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/2013/10/did-you-read-letter-on-japan-times.html

Post Script 2

However, I got to know that my visiting to NY was at least meaningful for the following person.  A US school related worker who obviously heard my speech wrote an open letter to Mr. Hirofumi Shimomura, Minister of Education, regarding the symptoms such as vomitting and nosebleeding among the US students who visited Tohoku area of Japan.  The person recommended the postponing of the program to Japan, after realizing that the symptoms could be caused by radiation. http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/2013/10/did-you-read-letter-on-japan-times.html


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